Beijing Residental

"I wanted to compliment you on your great support. I called the number on the front page of your website this afternoon, and a real human answered. If that wasn't surprising enough, he didn't forward me to voice jail, but answered my questions knowledgeably. I heard him tapping away at a keyboard, so I knew he was really looking for an answer, not just rattling off a canned response.

It's such a rarity to get any kind of phone support, much less *good* phone support. You guys rock.


- Dirk Bergstrom

"Most of my clients and I use your hosting services, and they have proven trouble free. I had no problem telling one of your large competitors who called to woo me away from you that it was no contest."

- Susan, Cricket Press

Every request and question that I have had has been dealt with in a timely manner, and with complete professionalism (even when I didn't know what the hell I was talking about). I have, and will HIGHLY recommend HURRICANE ELECTRIC to anyone needing a server.

- Mark E. Young, Firefox Productions