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Orchid Garden - 4 bedroom

Orchid Garden is situated on the joint point of the Jingmi Road and the airport express way which provides an easy access to the airport. Also very close to the famous Western Academy of Baijing.

Property Information

Property Type:Suburb Villas Property Style:Townhouse
Bedroom:4 Bathroom:
Floor: Furniture:
Decoration: Other Features:
Unit Size:400 sqm Rental: 45,000 / Month


Gym, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Kids' Playground, Ivy Bilingual Kindergarton, Jenny Wang Supermarket, West Academy of Beijing.


Orchid Garden covers an area of 126,280sqm and contains 97 detached villas and 150 townhouses that range from 270sqm 3 bedroom layout to 600sqm 7 bedroom layout. All properties have a large terrace and spacious basement as well as an open kitchen, bright and spacious rooms, and modern décor. The compound is very child friendly with a spacious common garden and two play grounds, coupled with its good location makes it popular amongst expat families.

BedroomsSize (Sq M)Price (RMB/Month)
3Br.270 (Sq M)¥25000 - ¥28000
3Br.310 (Sq M)¥28000 - ¥35000
4Br.340 (Sq M)¥35000 - ¥40000
4Br.350 (Sq M)¥32000 - ¥35000
4Br.400 (Sq M)¥40000 - ¥45000
5Br.550 - 600 (Sq M)¥50000 - ¥60000

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